Imagine a world where there’s no competition and jealousy against one another, rather a support system of people who actually want you to succeed.

Imagine a world where upon entry, your veins are filled with inspiration to work harder and be better than you were yesterday.

Imagine a world where you’re surrounded by REAL people who share your passion for sweat, salads and laughter.

This is the Blogilates Social Network.

2 Years and thousands of hours of technical labor later - YOUR IDEAS and MY VISION have intertwined to create the most AMAZING, ONE-OF-A-KIND online platform for health and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Today is April 15th, 2014 and it is FINALLY LAUNCH DAY.

Join me in celebrating this moment in Blogilates history. To unlock the Blogilates Social Network comment below!

Also use the hashtag #iwantin when you tweet me @blogilates. Once we reach the designated number of tweets, I will unlock the hidden URL. The more you tweet the faster it’ll come! See you soon on the inside ;) (at The Blogilates Social Network)

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What a little cutie. :3

I need her. 

what a qt

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So this happened…and my life is complete 

I love this so much! Lol

Reblog if you’re NOT Tumblr famous and you appreciate your followers



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Fruit Drinks Infographic

Wow! A serious eye opener!

Story of my life. I need to do something but dont know wherr to start.



I need an Edna Mode life coach.

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This is deep, man

one of the greatest piece of information taught to me in life was from a fucking deranged talking baboon

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"Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live."

Anne Sweeney (President of Walt Disney)

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